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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  March 21, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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tears and hugs in a vigil in the south bay tonight to remember a 16-year-old boy who was struck and killed by a
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train. >> i loved him so much. >> good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. they came to remember a popular teenager from the south bay. we're learning new information about exactly what he was doing just before he was struck and killed by a train. the family with what they want every parent to hear. >> reporter: family, friends, and teachers gathered out here for a vigil. where more was shed on why this accidental death happened. it wasn't just a mother's grief felt tonight. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: an entire community lost. more than 200 people made up a crowd that covered this play ground to remember a lincoln high junior described as
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humble, and a musician always with guitar in hand. the pain too much for some, as his uncle spoke. >> i need back. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: the young musician seen here at a recent performance, was hit and killed by a train on tuesday while walking home. authorities explained what they knew about the accident. >> they told them, as we thought, he had ear phones in his ears. his music, and his ear phones were still there. >> reporter: they couldn't erase the loss. >> reporter: his girlfriend addressed the crowd wearing one of his shirts. she also remembers the good
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times. >> he made everybody smile. he would smile at me like that. >> reporter: and the family told us, they support caltrain's plan to install fences in the area where he was killed. live in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu, channel 2 news. oakland city auditor says two councilmembers broke the law, and aapproximate busessed their power by abusing city contracts. the auditor shows more than a dozen violations. among other things, it accuses them of icing their power to influential the bidding process for the $2 million cleanup at the former oakland army base. >> the law was broken here. so the report, it was not done out in the open. there was undue influential. >> reporter: the auditor says
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oakland city charter is clear. councilmembers can only set policy and funds. both brooks and reid deny wrongdoing. we have discovered councilmember larry reid is the center of a second investigation. eric rasmussen obtained a report of a private investigator who looked into the issue. >> reporter: urban recycling solutions incorporated had a good deal on the side of the old oakland army base on berma road. civil engineer told us his business partner, and owner of urban recycling paid a long time activist, darrell kerry $1,000 a week to get the city of oakland's cooperation. >> what that was money for? >> just so he can get whatever he wants from the city's approval. >> how do you think he was doing that? >> because he had connections. he had a connection with larry
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reid. >> reporter: shaw also told the investigator, i heard darrell tell tom that reid want today retire, and reid wanted $50,000 a year, and tom needed to figure out how reid was going to get the $50,000. >> that's absolutely false. i've never had that conversation with anyone. >> reporter: he did acknowledge, he paid darrell kerry to quote, open doors. this evening, an angry larry reid called the accusations slander. >> somebody can say, because they're in a relationship with someone else that they paid me $50,000 because i wanted to retire? i'm still here. i have just got reelected. i have never taken a freaking dime. the only thing i ever got from larry was a freaking plaque. >> reporter: darrell kerry also denied any wrongdoing. >> $1,000 a week, what did you do with that money?
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>> paid my rent, ate. >> did you give that to any city council members? >> no. i can't say i gave larry any money. >> reporter: larry reid says he's hiring a lawyer, and he believes a full investigation will clear his name. eric rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. a parolee wanted on felony weapons charges is still on the run tonight after he evaded police in san jose. they found him on junesong way. he discarded a loaded gun, jumped fences, and escaped. officers set up a perimeter and went yard to yard in the neighborhood, but did not find him. the san francisco police department bomb squad blew up what appears to be a live hand grenade. a man said he found the device this afternoon buried about 10
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inches under the dirt in martin luther king jr. drive. he said it looked real to him, so he stopped a passing park worker to report it. the bomb squadded decided not to move it, and instead used explosives to blow it up. things were pretty much back to normal in the park. results of a joint law enforcement investigation into the killing of a highway patrol officer revealed new details about the gunman. 36-year-old christopher lacy shot and killed him. investigators say lacey was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1997. he expressed anti-government views. a lead investigator says a motive for the shooting may never be known. now to washington, d.c., where the house of representatives passed legislation today to keep the government funded through the end of september. that bill now goes to the
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president to be signed into law, averting a possible government shut down. also, one day after rejecting a spending plan for the senate for next year, republicans in the house passed their own budget plan put together by congressman paul ryan of wisconsin. that plan would cut spending, defund the president's healthcare plan, and privatize medicare. >> repealing obama care means more jobs and lower healthcare costs for the american people. >> the first vote was about substance. the second was about keeping government open. we want to remove all doubt, that for whatever our disagreement on some of these bills, it was worth it. >> it leaves in place $85 billion in cuts to the pentagon and domestic programs. new at 10:00, a series of concerted needed to raise money for the america's cup is raising concerns among those
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who live near the san francisco waterfront. amber lee attended a community meeting tonight, where organizers are trying to ease concerns about noise, traffic, and security. >> reporter: we're at pier 29. the concerts will be held at an amphitheater set to go up beyond this fence in less than two weeks. the first concert is scheduled for may 31. organizers say a series of concerts are needed to help pay for the races. a largely free event for the public. >> it's going to be a great experience for everybody. >> reporter: this is an artist's rendering of the amphitheater that will hold the concerts. it will also be a public viewing area for the races. the seating capacity? 9,000. >> in terms of foot traffic and automobile traffic, that's enormous. >> reporter: sting is among the six acts already booked for a concert here. that concert is already sold
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out. he's hoping to book up to 30 concerts. >> just the people that it will draw. you know,. >> and the crowds, the access, and the types of people will make it not too safe. >> we'll have neighborhood security that is being paid for by live nation. we'll have neighborhood police. >> reporter: during tonight's community meeting, organizers say the concerts will end by 11:30 p.m. on weekends, and by 11:00 on weeknights. neighbors want them to be over earlier. >> certainly don't want this to be like broadway, with everyone rolling around, breaking their guitars. >> reporter: america's cup officials are scheduled to go before the entertainment commercial association to organize the concert. live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. crews are busy working on some big changes on the golden gate bridge, which go into effect next wednesday. that is when toll takers go
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away, and a new electronics system goes online. drivers will have to use fast track. drivers who do nothing will be caught by cameras, and a toll bill will be sent to them in the mail. on wall street today, technology stocks helped drive the major indexes down. the dow was office 90 points, or .6%. the nasdaq dropped 32, or about 1%, and closed at 3,222. leading the tech stocks on their decline was oracle, which reported an unexpected drop in 3rd quarter sales. the redwood city based company took a beating with investors with its stock down almost 10% today. analysts say oracle effects other tech stocks disproportionately, because it reports its earnings earlier than most other tech companies. sales has approved a 4 for 1 stock split.
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the change will take effect on april 3, increasing the number of shares from 400 million, to 1.6 billion. the shares of the software management company closed at a record high on march 1, when sales and profits topped expectations. today, shares of sale force were up 2% in after hours trading. in 90 seconds -- >> hp pavilion is packed, and it's not hockey. we take you inside with march madness in san jose. >> a bay area couple's fight for gay marriage. >> an important struggle. >> they talk to us about the case they're taking to the u.s. supreme court, and its impact on their families. >> plus, how warm it will get tomorrow, and when rain returns to the forecast.
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happening now, sneakers, not skates at hp pavilion tonight. college basketball has taken over. debra is live now with the madness that only comes in march. >> reporter: syracuse just blew out montana. it was today's fourth and final game here. the overall winner though, may be san jose. >> no problem. >> reporter: long after brackets, and final buzzers are in the record books -- >> syracuse. >> reporter: the money spent on basketball -- >> is that all for you?
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>> reporter: will drivel through the local economy. $20million every time the ncaa comes to town. this is the third time in seven years. >> 15, 17 hours a day, we've been here in the building. we love it. it's march madness, it's fantastic. >> reporter: with ice hockey a shortened season, six basketball games over today and saturday are especially welcome. for cal, it's almost like a home court. >> fans are so close to the action. it creates a terrific atmosphere. >> reporter: loud too at local bars and restaurants, where the games dominate tv. >> cardinal fans, rams fans, th st. louis got their win, then watched all day. >> i can't believe how clean and beautiful the city is. everybody that we've seen has been so great to us. even the opposing team. >> especially the first two days of the ncaa tournament.
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a lot of upsets. you can hear the buzz, and people are pretty fired up here. >> reporter: once a cal player, now a fan, this dad paid $100 a ticket. >> i've only been here to see madonna. never been here for a sporting event. it's clean, high-tech. we're in silicon valley, it's good stuff. >> reporter: scattered tickets still on saturday for saturday's two match ups, but they will sellout. especially with the bears back in action. reporting live in san jose, ktvu, channel 2 news. fans of st. mary's saw their team's season come to a heartbreaking end today. students and staff gathered to watch the game. fresh off a win against middle instantaneous. state, the gales just couldn't overcome memphis, losing in the final seconds of the game. mark ibanez has all the
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highlights. he's been keeping tabs on all the games, and will join us later in sports. in the east bay, police are trying to locate a youth baseball coach charged with child molestation. coughman currently runs a baseball club for bay area teenagers. a san francisco bicyclist today pleaded not guilty to charges of felony vehicular manslaughter in the death of an elderly man in a castro district crosswalk. chris bucarry was in a district court this afternoon. his defense attorney claims that he entered the intersection on a yellow light. he is due back in court next month for his preliminary hearing. vallejo police are looking for a man who assaulted a young woman in hans park.
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they say a man resembling this sketch grabbed the woman on the trail that runs along redwood parkway . the suspect reportedly fled in a vehicle described as an acura two door with gray primer on the fender and rear bumper area. today police identified the man who barricaded himself inside a sutter street home yesterday afternoon as 42-year- old william heinz of vallejo. investigators have not determined if he died of a police bullet, or the result of a suicide. police say they opened fire when the man broke a window, and pointed a rifle at the officers. colorado today legalized civil unions for same sex couples. the governor signed the bill
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with a flourish. skirting a colorado constitutional legal amendment that limits marriage to one man and one woman. this new colorado rule goes into effect on may 1. five days from now, the u.s. supreme court takes up proposition eight. a bay area couple is right at the center of this historic case. how they're dealing with the international attention. >> reporter: one of two couples who are plaintiffs in one of the nation's biggest civil rights cases. >> it's exciting, and interesting. but we reel feel like we represent the faces of many, many other people, and we're just humbled by that. >> reporter: the u.s. supreme court on tuesday will hear oral arguments over whether the marriage ban is unconstitutional. >> for our family, it's an important struggle and there's been sacrifice, and at the same time, it's a huge honor.
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>> reporter: the couple has been together 13 years, and raised four boys. a ruling in their favor could mean they, and other same sex couples in california and possibly across the nation can legally marry. affording them some of the same benefits as heterosexual couples. >> healthcare, retirement. there are a number of ways in which social security wouldn't flow to either one of us, if we were ill. >> reporter: the decision was done with the consent of their sons. the couple says life has gone on, despite international attention to their case. >> life in our house has not changed very much, i have to say. we still have the same mundane task, and we go to work and we rear children just like we always have. >> reporter: they will travel to washington, d.c. for the oral arguments. their twin 18-year-old sons will join their moms in the courtroom. david steveson, ktvu, channel 2 news. stay with us for continuing
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coverage. david stevenson will be here for tuesday's oral arguments. he will be in washington, d.c. and have live reports throughout the day. join us at 6:30, when we go in- depth on this proposition case. we're going to break down the arguments, and gauge reaction from washington, d.c. to the bay area. temperatures warmed up today, numbers in the 60s, even a couple of 70s. these were the highs for today. highs tomorrow, warmer still. here's the isotherm map. friday, lots of yellows. temperatures warming throughout the bay area. lots of upper 60s, and low 70s, a little breezy along the coast as well. as we go into the bay area weekend, more changes. when i come back at 10:45, i'll give you the specifics for your forecast, for your neighborhood, and the five-day forecast. go and look for rain. there's some rain in that five
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day. we'll see you back here. demolition day for a home in contra costa county. coming up in 8 minutes, why city officials ordered this home to come down. >> first, a new plan for an a's ballpark in san jose hit a major obstacle. the major ruling today that leaves that dream in doubt.
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there's another hitch tonight in the plan for the oakland a's to move to san jose. the city controller has ordered the city to return the land it once kept for a new stadium. this came on the same day that a's owner, lew wolff made another pitch for relocation. >> reporter: when the a's owner addressed the crowd in san jose, he did not know his plan to move the team to south bay would soon be up in the air. wolf did not comment on major league baseball's andling of his request to move, but he did
10:27 pm
emphasize the need for a move. >> we tried oakland, and tried fremont. so many aspects of land ownership, and other influences indicate to us that we need to be in a downtown area. >> reporter: but land ownership is again the problem. today, state controller john chung ruled they made the move after the deadline. so the land must be sold, with the money going mainly to school districts and other agencies that benefit from property tax. >> all of those agencies now must get in sync, and agree to the fact that the ballpark is an important asset, that would benefit all of them. >> reporter: wolf seemed to be making that argument when he discussed the benefits of the ballpark. >> it's a regional impact.
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it's sad when we don't look at it in a regional way. >> reporter: today the san jose mayor expressed disappointment, but still ruled that it was valid. a san mateo county man who was tased by a national park ranger filed a lawsuit today against the federal government. gary hesterberg of montero is seeking half a million dollars in damages. he was walking his dogs in the golden gate national recreational area near montero last year, when rangers shot him with a stun gun. the parks service claims hesterberg was uncooperative, and gave a fake name when one of the rangers confronted him about having the dog off leech. a temporary restraining order would have allowed nudity to return to san francisco streets. an appeal is working its way
10:29 pm
through the courts. the u.s. district court judge ruled the request had no merit and the ordinance remains in place. president obama spent the second day of his tour in the middle east trying to jump start peace talks between the israelis, and palestinians. he med with mahmoud abbas. the president said the u.s. is deeply committed to the creation of an independent palestinian state. >> the palestinian people deserve an end to occupation, and the daily indigties that come with it. >> reporter: afterward, the president went to jerusalem and told israelis that america would always be there for them. the president also said that israel must make peace with the palestinians to survive. this whole direction that the park service now is deciding to go is reckless, irresponsible. >> drastic changes to yosemite. the battle between preserving
10:30 pm
the park, and meeting the needs of visitors. >> plus, white out conditions. in news of the world, the massive freeway pile up that left more than 100 people injured. for your first day? yeah. ♪ dad: you'll be fine, ok? girl: ok. dad: you look so pretty. ♪ i'm overprotective. that's why i got a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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barrow island has got rare kangaroos. ♪ chevron has been developing energy here for decades. we need to protect their environment. we have a strict quarantine system to protect the integrity of the environment. forty years on, it's still a class-a nature reserve. it's our job to look after them.'s my job to look after it. ♪
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a burned out house in richmond that was abandoned at the start of the housing crisis was torn down today. city officials say the home on chancellor avenue was a magnet for squatters, illegal dumping, and drug dealing. it caught fire three times, and they say the owner refuseesed to do anything about it. so city leaders got a court order to have it torn down. >> we had to track down the property owner. we had to determine who owned the property, the lien holder. then we have to go to court and try to get them to approve a
10:33 pm
warrant. >> wells-fargo, who was holding the lien agreed to pay for the demolition. neighbors say they're deleted to see it gone. the city is working on condemning, and demolishing four other abandoned homes. it's a battle of preservation. proposed changes to yosemite national park drew a crowd to a meeting in san francisco. >> reporter: the room here at fort mason was small, but it was packed, and they were handing out these coppies of the park's proposal. many people spoke with mags about any changes to the park. big boards showed how yosemite would change under each of the five plans. the changes to the visiter facilities are needed after a judge ordered the national parks service to create a plan to protect an 81-mile stretch of the merced river. >> two things, providing access for people in a way that provides a quality experience,
10:34 pm
and improving river conditions, and insuring they stay that way overtime. >> reporter: the curry village ice rink, and yosemite lodge pools, and activity center. >> this whole direction that the park service now is deciding to go is reckless, irresponsible. >> reporter: people spoke with passion tonight about the changes. some in support, others against. >> closing the swimming pool, for example. the swimming pool is there. why waste money in destroying it? >> i think there are opportunities to adjust some of the previous impacts in the river and the meadows, and actually restore it to even better conditions than it was 100 years ago. >> reporter: right now, yosemite is designed to accommodate 14,800 visitors a day. the challenge is balancing preservation with public access. one draft leans toward more restoration, but decreases lodging by 46%, and lowers park
10:35 pm
capacity to about 14,000 daily visitors. increased lodging slightly, replacing tents with solid buildings, and increased park capacity to 19,900 visitors a day. the cost? >> $235 million over a 15 to 20 year pearled. >> reporter: the parks service plans to have a final decision on this plan by this fall. jana katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> yosemite is among the national parks looking for ways to deal with this automatic budget cuts known as sequestration. the park service is considering a wide range of options to deal with the loss of $130 million from its budget. yellowstone park is already announced a delayed spring opening, and some camp grounds and national parks may not open at all this summer. a jury convicted the former mayor, and four former councilmembers of bell, california, for misusing
10:36 pm
taxpayer money. the other counts resulted in a deadlock. a judge declared the mistrial for the remaining accounts in the corruption case. prosecutors accused the city leaders of using taxpayer money to help boost their part time pay to nearly $100,000 a year. three northern california cities are among the areas with the fastest rising home prices in the countries. according to, phoenix topped the list with a 23% increase last month. san francisco came in second with a 19% increase in prices. las vegas was third. sacramento in fifth with a 15% increase in prices. in all, zillow looked at 30 major metropolitan areas across the country. a foreclosure fight is forcing an east bay man from his home, where he's lived for the past 20 years. late this afternoon, his house in east oakland was sold at auction. >> i built most of it with a friend. >> army veteran, gerald brown
10:37 pm
has lived in this four bedroom home since 1993, but he and his teenager daughter likely won't be able to stay there much longer. the loan he received from bank of america was adjustable, and he said it doubled during the economic downturn. he said he tried to work with bank of america. >> it feels like i've been robbed, not only financially, but my home being stolen as well, right from under me, after paying over $400,000 in 20 year period. >> brown is now among the approximately 10,000 oakland residents who have faced foreclosure in the past three years, and according to an activist group, most of them are minorities. a bank of america spokesperson told us they did try to work with brown, and reduced his payments, but the bank says he didn't follow through. brown denies that that happened. livermore police are asking for the public's help tonight to catch a bank robber. a surveillance camera took this
10:38 pm
picture at about 1:30 today at the citibank on portola avenue. the robber is described as 25 to 30 years old, weighing as much as 250 pounds. no one was hurt during the robbery, and police are not saying how much, if any money he got away with. a snowstorm is being blamed for a huge freeway pileup in canada. at least 100 people were injured today. one seriously when snow blanketed an area in and around the city of edmonton. whiteout conditions on the road made driving all but impossible. there were delays in some cases up to six hours. in syria today, an elderly muslim cleric was among at least 42 people killed in a suicide bombing. the explosion took place inside a mosque in the capital of damascus. it's the first time a suicide bomber has struck inside a syrian mosque. the 84-year-old preacher was
10:39 pm
one of the few prominent supporters of president bashar assad. in the mediterranean nation of cypress people lined up to get money out of atm machines, trying to get whatever cash they can. cypress has until money to put a bailout plan in place in the face of a threatened pullout by the european central bank. some banks have closed their doors to avoid mass withdrawals. pressure to reject a proposal to fees as much as 10% of people's savings accounts. a wrong way driver speeding down a bay area interstate. also, a south bay preschool teacher accused of spiking sippy cups. the charges filed today against her. >> bill martin working on his weekend forecast at 10:45, back with that, and our next chance for rain.
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>> up first, striking musicians walked the picket line. the point they tried to illustrate as they missed a big concert date.
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the highway patrol says officers to do arrested a man after he drove the wrong way reaching speeds of up to 72 miles per hour. the driver was identified as 60- year-old joseph john brignolo of san bruno. a highway patrol operator credited 911 callers. the theater sat dark as the musicians performed along the
10:43 pm
picket line. christian captain was at davey symphony hall in strain today, where there was a well orchestrated protest. >> reporter: members of san francisco's symphony took their music, and their message to the streets this afternoon instead of carnegie hall. horn player, nicole cash says she hates missing performances but her message needs to be heard. >> this is really hard. this is difficult for all of us. the reason all of us went into this is because we love to play music. >> reporter: the musicians are asking for an increase to their $141,000 base salary. they say a pay increase is the only way to recruit, and retain top talent. >> we take extremely seriously the artistic standing of this orchestra. so if we're going to lose them in such a way, that is a tragedy. >> the symphony says top talent is crucial, but says so is financial responsibility. >> he agree with them and want to provide a fair compensation
10:44 pm
package that recognizes this. and at the same time provides a balanced way forward. >> reporter: ticket holders will be notified by tomorrow if the sunday performance will be going on. at this point, there are no plans for either the striking musicians or the symphony to get together to resume negotiations. the victim of yesterday's fatal shooting near antioch elementary school has now been identified as a 20-year-old man from antioch. the contra costa county coroner's office identified the victim as nicholas barton chavez. he was shot and killed at the intersection of west madill street near marsh elementary school. no word on a possible motive, or suspects in the case. a morgan hill teacher faces child endangerment for allegedly putting sleeping pills in child sippy cups.
10:45 pm
gratz supervised ten children at the kiddy academy who were between the ages of just 1 and 2. she allegedly used sominex, a sleeping aid that is not recommended for children under 12. in two minutes. >> tucked away inside a cell, on the rock. we take you back to alcatraz 15 years to the day the doors closed. >> warm and dry conditions today. see when rain will return in your complete bay area forecast.
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10:47 pm
a reward is being offered for a missing dog. she says archy and the carrier disappeared somewhere between san francisco and san bruno. they had just spent the evening
10:48 pm
at the spca bark and wine fundraiser in san francisco. she put up flyers mentioning a reward, but it's not clear how much that reward is. today marks a major milestone in san francisco history. it was 50 years ago, that the prison on alcatraz island was shut down. mike mibach spoke to a former guard who told haunting stories. >> reporter: sticking out of the bay like the intimidating rock she is, alcatraz captivates those who can't escape her stare. >> to see the view of everything else and not be able to go anywhere else. you know you're trapped. >> hundreds of feared inmates. >> you can feel creepiness in here. >> reporter: all listening to the sounds of san francisco echo across the bay. >> an epic part of history, knowing people were that bad then, and still that bad now, and they had to place everybody on a rock. >> reporter: once inside these
10:49 pm
cells, guys with names like capone, whitey, bird man, and over the years, there were 14 escape attempts. inmates were killed, guards were killed. this was no five star hotel. >> they all had a pair of scissors. they were just chopping the hell out of each other. >> reporter: patrick ma honey has stories to tell. on that day he was there escorting inmates onto the boat. >> even the last one out, they brought him and said what about it, you're the last one out. he said this place was no good for nobody. >> this was my island. >> reporter: she was the lighthouse keeper on alcatraz. >> it never occurred to us anything could go wrong or anyone could get out, or do us any harm. >> reporter: today the rock is a tourist attraction. folks strolling where no man ever wanted to. >> it's pretty enlightening, so you know what you don't want to do. you don't want to mess up in society and end up in a place
10:50 pm
like this. >> reporter: 1.5 million taken into duquesne island. that for some still has a little bite of intimidation. the federal government's chief watchdog agency said the post office doesn't have the legal authority to cut its saturday service. the government accountability office at the gao says the postal service is required by law to deliver the mail six days a week. the postmaster cherl declared saturday service would be cut to save money. but the gos says if he wants to do that, congress will have to pass a new law allowing it to happen. the saturday service cut was expected to go into effect sometime this summer. monster energy is revamping labels to include how much caffeine is in the popular drink, but that is not the only change. the drink will now be sold as a beverage, and not a dietary
10:51 pm
supplement. manufacturers of dietary supplements are required to report problems linked. it does not plan to change the product. coca-cola is working on making a kosher version of the drink, but it won't be ready for passover. it replaces corn syrup with sugar. but coke is still testing the shelf life of the kosher version. a spokesperson says it should be available next year. and pretty nice night out there this evening. a little chilly tonight. temperatures in the low 40s, and the cool spots maybe some upper 30s. the satellite loop shows weather systems heading to the north. some wind offshore. windy conditions show up off the golden gate bridge with a gale warning in effect up here towards the north, up north of port reyes. until 3:00 tomorrow. that means winds are going to get going. 35miles per hour and more. windy off the shore. windy and breezy in the bay as
10:52 pm
well. these are the current temperatures. cooling off out there, but not cold. you can feel that spring kind of weather seeping in now as we get towards, you know, this weekend, when temperatures are going to be back into the 70s. so overnight lows tonight, like i mentioned, it's chilly, but not down right cold. you can pick up frost in forestville. i don't know if frost is such a big deal. most of us wake up a little chilly. and it warms up rapidly. it was a little slow to warm up today, but temperatures did come up. lots of upper 60s, and low 70s. sunny, and warmer tomorrow. the long range forecast brings rain back in here on wednesday. dry right through that period. through tuesday, until we see clouds, we're going to be dry and warm. friday, slightly warmer, tomorrow. a little breezy offshore. but on shore winds. into the bay area weekend, warmer as high pressure sets up. 70s, mid-70s and warm spots on sunday. sunday is the warmest day on your bay area weekend.
10:53 pm
70degrees tomorrow in fairfield. 70 in brantwood. up a good couple of degrees from where they were yesterday. we had some valley fog this morning. we did have a little bit of it this morning. 66 in pleasantton. 67 in livermore. 68 in gilroy. the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, can't see beyond there, julie and frag. but out past tuesday, it does rain, it looks like tuesday night clouds and rain on wednesday. maybe some significant rain. between now and then, it's going to be an outstanding weekend. i know that tree pollens are trending high. getting reports of people, hay fever. if you suffer from pollen, you'll notice it. >> what's significant in your mind? an inch or so? >> i would love to see an inch, maybe. half an inch or above. >> and midweek again. >> tuesday night into wednesday morning. >> thanks bill. allegiant air is launching two new weekly flights from oakland to provo, utah.
10:54 pm
this will be the seventh destination that allegiant serves out of oakland. departures fm oakland at 7:30 a.m., and return flights at 11:00 a.m. in the morning. the airline is offing an introductory deal. cal's win over unlv, but up first, when prince is scheduled to return to the bay area for four shows. ♪ [ music ] [ engine revving ]
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♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken. ♪ to help you not just stay alive... but feel alive. the c-class is no exception. it's a mercedes-benz, through and through. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers
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through mercedes-benz financial services. it looks like prince is coming back to the bay area. he's announced an upcoming tour on a website called doctorfunkenberry. ticket information is promised in the next week or so. mark is here now. a lot of basketball. >> love to talk about it, but we do have hoops to go over. i couldn't kind it the kind of victory that's going to inspire final four fantasy, but victory in march is sweet, as it is hard earned, along with, the
10:58 pm
bears avenge a heartbreaking loss in december. the beat flows for san jose, and showing you the moves. down the stretch, robert thurmond. all of his points via the slam dunk. we go inside the minute, putting the exclamation point on this thing. richard solomon. they win it by three. they now take on syracuse on saturday. coach montgomery likes playing in san jose, but he wouldn't call it a home game exactly. >> i don't buy the home court theory, because there's a lot of people there that didn't buy tickets to watch us. they bought tickets to watch basketball. but i will buy the theory that it was really great to be close to home. of course you never want to lose, but st. mary's, sometimes the way it happens just makes
10:59 pm
it even worse. exhibit 1a. matthew will never forget his final game as a gale. down by as many as 15. the gales will not go easy. brad with the follow. the gales are down four with 17 seconds left. down 5 with three. the huge three. they are down only two. memphis with a huge turnover here. jordan forces the turnover. and the gales have one more shot at it. a last gasp going to the senior. no iron. great effort at the end. and they do fall short. coach randy bennett, however quite proud of everybody. >> for him to do what he did was remarkable. i wish he would have hit that last shot, and so does he. that wasn't the